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Design of tetra-PEG-crosslinked thermoresponsive hydrogel for 3D cell culturesDNA

Anal. Sci., 32, 1203-1205 (2016)

Aya M. Akimoto*, Erika Hasuike (co-first), Hiroto Tada, Kenichi Nagase, Teruo Okano, Hideko Kanazawa, and Ryo Yoshida*


3D細胞培養を可能とするpoly(N-isopropylacrylamide)(PNIPAAm)ゲルを開発しました.PNIPAAm誘導体,架橋剤としての4分岐polyethylene glycol,細胞接着性ペプチドRGDSと細胞をリン酸緩衝液 (PBS) 中で室温で混合するだけで非侵襲的に細胞を内包することが可能です.温度変化により膨潤度 (弾性率) が可逆的に変化するゲルであるため,生体内環境を模倣した動的な細胞/組織の培養が期待できます.培養中に温度を変化させなくてはならないところはネックなのですが,発生生物学等の生物学分野の研究へ展開できればと考えています.

We synthesized poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) gel containing cell-adhesive peptides, RGDS pendants, and crosslinked by a hydrophilic polymer. Since gelation occurs by simply mixing the polymers, cells can be simultaneously encapsulated inside the gel during gelation. This gel has roughly a 15% volume change between 25 and 37°C, and is transparent at both temperatures. Moreover, adhesion of encapsulated C2C12 cells to the gel could be observed. This thermoresponsive gel would be potentially useful as a cell culture material that can control cell fate by changing mechanical properties of the cell’s external environment.

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